The golf course lands were originally owned by the Calgary Winter Club, and ownership was transferred to Country Hills Golf Club in 1992. The original golf course development plans faced some difficulties along the way, and unforeseen construction obstacles and extreme weather conditions contributed to the delay in opening the courses. At one point the viability of completing the course project had become questionable. However, the reorganization of the Calgary Winter Club / Country Hills Golf Club, which was approved by the members on April 22, 1992, provided the opportunity to actualize the golf course vision. A board of directors was elected, and operation of Country Hills Golf Club continued independently of the Winter Club on June 1, 1992.
David Bennett of Browning and Bennett Golf Course Architects designed the original course, which included a “links” and a “country club” style layout. The raw golf course lands contained very few trees and were thus ideally suited to the “links” style of architecture. Therefore, to achieve the “country club” status for the secondary course (Ridge), an extensive tree planting program was initiated. The planting program began at the initial time of the course construction and continued into the next ten years after development.
Construction of the first 27 holes commenced September 1989, with initial tee-off projected for 1991. The first 18 holes on the “Links” (now the "Talons"), opened in May 1992. Play on the first nine holes on the "Ridge” followed in August 1992, with play on the second nine following five years later in July 1997.
Acquisition and construction costs of the 36 holes totalled approximately $15 million- nearly $5 million more than was originally estimated. The $5.2 million, 40,000 square foot clubhouse was completed in May 1999. July 23, 1999 marks the grand opening of the fully developed Country Hills Golf Club. A major $6 million redevelopment of the Links, designed by Thomas McBroom, was completed in early 2010. The redesigned course was named the Talons, as it is today.
Now, 25 years later, Country Hills is a thriving golf club with 1,200 members- 850 of which are principle equity members. Each summer, Country Hills facilitates great programs for all members and of all skill levels. With Men’s, Ladies, Juniors and Seniors programs, Country Hills is a place where friendships are made, and members' families come together. During the off-season, Country Hills caters to a wide variety of corporate and private events, from business meetings, conferences, weddings and everything in-between. Sportsmanship and camaraderie has been the foundation of Country Hills 25 years of success.